For analysis of biogas, biomethane, process gases, emissions, or industrial environments fixed analysers are available for flammable or toxic gases, and oxygen. The measurement technique can be NDIR infrared, electrochemical cell, catalytic Pellistor, thermal conductivity, FID, PID, depending on the application.



The analysers of the range EC300 and EC020 are designed for analysis of biogas, biomethane, process gases, combustion flue gases, for measures of explosivity or emissions. They can be configured on demand in the desired combination of cells and sensors, employing different available technologies (electrochemical cell, NDIR, catalytic sensor, PID, thermal conductivity, FID, etc.). They are realized in IP54 enclosures (with forced ventilation) or IP65 (without ventilation) ready for the connection to the process. In general they have 4-20mA outputs, 1 or 2 alarm contacts, digital display for each channel of measure. The enclosure dimension can vary according to the application, and it includes an internal sampling pump, 1 or 2 trap and coalescence filters with peristaltic pump, a gas detector to control eventual internal gas leaks (if applicable), possible presence of residual condensate in the circuit (condensate detector EC720), pressure switch for low flow. For the measure of high concentrations of toxic gas (e.g. H2S) there are various solutions to avoid the permanent saturation of the cell.


The systems of the range EC020 analyse samples of gas in environment or in industrial processes, from a unique point or by scanning different collecting points (version S). In the base version 1 or 2 rack analysers can be included (versions respectively EC021 and EC022): each analyser can measure one or more gases according to the specific model. The metallic enclosure of the system has a IP54 protection (with forced ventilation) or IP65 (without ventilation) with transparent door, and includes all the electronic equipments of control and analysis, sample conditioning (a refrigerator can be for example included), and also the sampling system.